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New changes in the development of the retail sector to corrugated packaging

Publisher: WANLIAN Packing Mechanics CO., LTD.   Time:2015/6/18 11:00:02

??The first,a box structure
??Box to tray, die cutting box is still hot.
??From the previous section has told about the development and changes in the field of retail, retail packaging (RRP), the rise of electronic retailing and the growth of the comprehensive convenience stores, will make the carton size decrease significantly. This change will bring extra for corrugated packaging production growth, but the processing cost of corrugated packaging may be greatly increased.
??Due to the retail packaging (RRP) easily in the rapid product consumer market demand, as well as industrial products and consumer durables market demands to cut costs, corrugated packaging trays and die cutting direction concentration trend will continue. However, this need to increase the distribution around the plant, various forms of products and brands for die cutting capacity and the new terminal equipment investment, to some extent, the lack of investment in the short term inhibits the development trend of corrugated packaging.
??Secondly, corrugated board structure and stare blankly
??Micro corrugated board will continue to increase leader "group of stare blankly".
??In the developed area of the market, single corrugated, double corrugated, three share between corrugated board did not change significantly. But in emerging markets, especially China, as a result of the villages and towns market share fell, the modernization of the corrugated cardboard line, and an increasing number of high quality base paper packaging, caused by corrugated cardboard corrugated structure more to single corrugated structure. Both in domestic and export market, the increase of the domestic market share, and the increase of the share of FMCG field also helped the change trend.
??Exquisite printing process of significant growth and "retail packaging" is more widely used is prompting micro corrugated board is on the rise. The micro corrugated besides E going a while at, F, and G type stare blankly and N stare blankly stare blankly. In recent months, the development and change of the micro corrugated has given rise to some of the birth of a new type of corrugated board is different from the E stare blankly, such as R going a while at going a while at, T and P, S, etc. This kind of situation is likely to get the rest of the world to follow suit.
??Thirdly, the paper gram weight
??Gram weight reducing is expected to make corrugated production increase 4.2% in five years.
??Over the past year, the world various areas has lower cardboard g news headlines. The development and changes in China's performance is particularly impressive. Due to the reasons mentioned above, in the next five years, China's gram weight of corrugated packaging will be reduced by 10%. In contrast, in North America only has slight change in corrugated lightweight, expect the move to corrugated board production in the next five years for only 1.4%.
??The corrugated lightweight development is restricted by many factors, such as material handling, distribution and storage method, etc. It is worth noting is in terms of goods stack height, the United States has been very high.
??There are some deeper factors also delayed the development trend of lightweight, corrugated board paper mills are reluctant to reduce the gram, and there is a have to face the truth is that many of the existing corrugated board processing equipment also does not have effective processing low gram ability of the corrugated cardboard.
??But considering the cost savings from lightweight and the contribution of environmental protection, the row has no need to discuss. As the corrugated board paper quality continue to improve, and improve the design of the packing, especially the die-cutting packaging stacking strength and the increase of stress at the bottom of the carton, lightweight trend is unstoppable.
??Low gram &heavy plate paper (tissue is less than 100 g/m2, tile paper is less than 90 g/m2) the use of the currently used mainly in the European market, lightweight will also get between regions of the world more and more widely adopted, but the north American market may be an exception.
??In short, in the next five years, corrugated gram will decline at an annual rate of 0.8%, and create the added value of the output value of 4.2%.
??Fourth, fine printing process
??The growth rate of fine printing will be close to twice the corrugated industry growth rate.
??Exquisite printing technology contains the high line flexo printing (3 ribbon drying system, usually grouped type), lithographic preprint (including color standard), direct offset printing, screen printing and digital printing technology. The comprehensive statistics such as process of global market share of nearly 11%.
??From past experience, exquisite printing process is chosen mostly durable consumer goods and electronic products. In recent years, however, these areas suffer from consumer incomes fall and cause a downturn of the developed areas of high-grade consumer market, but also affected by emerging market exports.
??In fast moving consumer goods market, online advertising is not to force and the businessman is increasingly valued goods in stores display effect, coupled with retailers and brands to the aspirations of "retail packaging", is making the scene of the retail marketing environment become the focus of attention. This will directly trigger global demand growth generally bullish about fine printing, predict the growth will be more than double corrugated industry growth rate. 
??Offset lithography occupy the lion's share of fine printing, and it will continue to grow, because the process has the image of reducing to the limit.
??Preprint is facing the challenge of a new generation of high line flexo printing machine, this kind of machine can print higher resolution images. And compared with the printed, a new generation of high cable flexo printing machine order and production is more flexible. These new equipment has been firmly occupy a place in the field of fine printing, although on the printing effect, we still have some gap, but the graphics printing has been more and more close to offset lithography.
??Screen printing continue to expand its territory, but there is a higher cost and labor-intensive congenital defect, its main application is focused in the field of scattered display, such as product pre-packaged, waste tank and life-size posters, etc.
??Large-format digital printing that has emerged in recent years some graphics and maneuverability strong equipment, but as a result of ink cost relatively expensive, its usage is limited to short version printing.
??Lithographic printing process straight is not as we expected to get great progress. We had hoped that a process can have a chance to make a cardboard-box factory and was conducted on the micro corrugated directly offset printing, but in fact, this situation does not appear. Main reason is that offset press reform cost price too much, printing speed will decline, printing corrugated can be pressed flat, there is not cardboard feeding is difficult to guarantee the warpage.
??In the medium and long term, the developed area and demand from emerging markets to improve image printing effect caused by the white paper market demand, its growth could significantly faster than the corrugated industry growth, is expected to increase 5.0 to5.5 %.

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