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Electricity and fruit and vegetable market blowout to promote the preservation of corrugated box ind

Publisher: WANLIAN Packing Mechanics CO., LTD.   Time:2015/6/18 11:13:20

??According to statistics, China's annual rotting fruits and vegetables exceeded 8000000 tons, ranking first in the world, resulting in economic losses of 75000000000 yuan, accounting for 30% of the entire industry output value. If we can reduce the loss rate of fruits and vegetables by 3% to 5%, the annual reduction of about 2000000 tons of fruit loss, about 10000000 tons of vegetables. If the fruit and vegetable of the fresh keeping processing accounts for 15% to 20% of the total output, the output value of the whole country can be increased by 12000000000 to 16000000000 yuan. Moreover, according to the Ministry of agriculture planning, by 2010, China's agricultural products processing rate should reach 45% ~ 55%. As an important means of fruit and vegetable preservation, it has become an important part of the fruit and vegetable industry chain.
??Because of corrugated boxes with light weight, resistance, resistance to pierce, resistance to tearing and cushioning, shock, easy processing etc. the mechanical properties, good decoration printing suitability and to recycle, no pollution to the environment, so it is considered to be the preferred way of transport packaging for fruits and vegetables. In view of people's pursuit of the preservation of fruits and vegetables in the process of growing, fresh corrugated boxes came into being.
??Brief introduction of fresh-keeping corrugated carton
??Keep fruits and vegetables fresh method is reduce loss of water, inhibit the growth of biological respiration and bacterial, and remove ethylene gas promote ripening of fruits and vegetables, aging. Fresh corrugated box is from these aspects, through the corrugated box in the surface coating or other materials, etc., so that the corrugated box has a high resistance gas, moisture and other properties, and to a certain extent, to some extent, the release of ethylene gas in order to achieve the purpose of preserving fresh.
??At present, has been widely used in the preservation of corrugated box mainly has the following several.
??Heat insulation function fresh-keeping corrugated carton (1), the in the traditional corrugated carton surface composite film or aluminum evaporated film, or the use of foaming resin instead of corrugated paper, with excellent heat insulation, can prevent the increase circulation of fruits and vegetables in its temperature. For example, the composite corrugated box in the surface of the aluminum coating can reflect radiation, can prevent the corrugated box temperature rise, at the same time, it also can absorb ethylene gas, to prevent water evaporation, has a good fresh effect.
??Control function of gas fresh-keeping corrugated carton with (2), in corrugated box surface is compounded with a layer of special functions of fresh-keeping film, or in the stage of papermaking mixed adsorption of ethylene gas porous powder, can be gas content of effective control of corrugated carton, prevent water evaporation, keep fresh fruits and vegetables. For example, a company in the United States invented a new type of corrugated box with a gas transfer function, which is in the corrugated box, the surface of a layer of special film, can absorb oxygen molecules, and let the nitrogen through. In this way, the air through the film into the corrugated box, oxygen content is greatly reduced, while the nitrogen content can be as high as 98%, so as to slow down the respiration of fruits and vegetables, to achieve a longer time of fresh preservation.
(3) through in the corrugated paperboard infiltrated with liquid components in Different Fresh-keeping mechanism or in the corrugated carton surface with different coating treatment, so as to obtain different fresh-keeping effect of corrugated boxes.

??Different kinds of fruits and vegetables can be selected according to the need to choose a different type of infiltration, so as to achieve different functions of fresh preservation. Coating treatment can be given to the corrugated box, it will not affect the strength and the original performance, and the processing technology is very simple. For example, in corrugated paper coated with a layer of can special issue a wavelength ranged from 6 to 14 mu m infrared ceramic powder, the powder at room temperature can emit the infrared can not only activate related molecules in fruits and vegetables, increased fruit and vegetable resistance to attack by microorganisms, but also the enzyme activation and improve fruit sweetness, widely used in peach, grape, red bayberry, fruit preservation, and packaging.

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