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China corrugated box packaging is expected in 2015 will be 15% of the incremental

Publisher: WANLIAN Packing Mechanics CO., LTD.   Time:2015/6/27 9:28:51

       This year, the global economy is still in a slow growth, many uncertainties remain, the economic situation is grim, not optimistic. Corrugated paper is expected to total around the world this year there will be more changes.
       Among them, the industry is expected to maintain high growth in Asia, the United States, the United States to maintain low speed growth, the industry will be flat or negative growth in Europe, Latin America's corrugated industry growth is higher than in Europe and the United States, but lagging behind the pace of development of China's corrugated industry will continue to lead the world's two digit industry.
       Technology, innovation, green, urbanization, technological transformation, injection of funds, the above six power to promote the development of the industry to promote the development of the industry.
       In terms of scientific and Technological Development: China has established the 80 tertiary institutions of professional packaging, these are the industry development of scientific research. In recent years, the research of the way to go wider more, enterprises active site expert advice, expert factory for enterprise research. It is expected that this work will be carried out in this year, more extensive and more in-depth, special topics of scientific research will be more.
       In product innovation and promoting development: paper packaging products in China corrugated boxes accounted for about 80%, an army together go single plank bridge, market homogenization of competition influence the healthy development of the industry.
       This year, industry associations will in the food packaging, packaging of agricultural and sideline products, crafts packaging and honeycomb cardboard packaging, 25 kg heavy paper bag packaging, mechanical and electrical products to paper packaging, express packaging, paper tube, drum, furniture living supplies, advertising and exhibition guide energetically, this kind of packing will be 15% increments.

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