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The global corrugated packaging industry will enter a period of rapid development

Publisher: WANLIAN Packing Mechanics CO., LTD.   Time:2015/6/18 10:56:27

??This year is the 120 anniversary of the birth of corrugated boxes. In 1895, the first corrugated carton was born in the United States in a factory, corrugated carton Fu was born, breaking the wood materials "dominate the transport packaging world" situation. But there is a long time, the development of the corrugated industry is slow, until this year, with a variety of subjective and objective conditions of the change, corrugated box to regain the industry's favor, and is considered to be the future of the main packaging materials.
??According to Pira international market survey results are expected, 2016 the global packaging industry by the BRIC countries purchasing ability enhancement effect, total output value will quickly grow to 500 billion euros, average annual growth rate of more than 3%, this growth is the main source of to packaging products demand growth in the BRICs pull. And it is estimated that the market share of plastic packaging remained unchanged; the corrugated packaging followed, about 30%; glass packaging, although slow growth, but the market share will increase to 6%; while the metal packaging will be reduced to 14%.
??Digital printing technology to promote the progress of the development of personalized corrugated packaging. Right now, about 10% of corrugated cardboard printing high resolution graphics, using digital printing technology, which realize corrugated packaging personalized provides the basis and can be seen from the many successful marketing case, personalized design and corrugated packaging, indeed much favored by consumers. At the same time, the company has a mature technology companies combined with the current emerging technologies, such as mobile APP applications and two-dimensional code, develop new interactive tools to meet market demand.
??Corrugated box can also be used for gift packaging. Digby, give it a sparkling wine series design colorful gift box, and the market response is good. Unlike wood packaging, in same strength, corrugated cardboard, light weight, convenient transportation logistics and for heavier products, can also to corrugated box add a "cushion", to facilitate consumer hand, at the same time, its surface more easily printing and would not be insects borers.
??In the retail industry, corrugated box is widely used, 90% of the special products is the use of corrugated packaging, and regular price is only 40%. These special products are packed in a personalized and easy to carry as a selling point. Among them, the European retail industry in the supermarket special counter fastest, according to statistics, in 2025 the supermarket will have more than 50% of the product label is a supermarket to print their own good paste, and 76% of the purchase behavior will change because of the product packaging.
??German special stores Aldi and Liddell supermarket in this area leading the way, the market share is increasing year by year. Aldi group and Schwartz group (lidl supermarket parent company) is expected in the next five years respectively to 3.55% and 5% of the annual growth rate of growth, and mainstream mall of the annual growth rate of less than 2 percent.
??In lidl supermarket, corrugated packaging is often used for food and household goods series, and are often used as one of the shopping center promotional selling point. For example, can be printed on the fresh agricultural product packaging box or on the national flag, but also on the carton printed on the two-dimensional code, consumers can participate in the lottery by scanning the two-dimensional code or identify the authenticity of goods.
??Long European corrugated carton industry association secretary general, Angelika concluded, "corrugated box and digital printing technology combined with strong performance, low cost characteristics. Therefore, the corrugated industry now and in the future will become the first choice of discount products packaging."

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