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Auto Down Stacker with Zig-zag Bundle Stacking ASC35E
Technical parameters

Mode ASC35E/AS35E
Applicable speed 300m/min
Effective Width 2200/2500/2800mm
Paper Stacking Length 3500mm
Stacking Height 1700mm
Total machine length 25m

Product Specification

·4/6 sections of the conveying section, each section with belt intelligent control, cardboard stacked accura1ely and neatly.
·The basket delivery section is controlled by Inventor and transported by belt; Ensure smooth delivery out of stacked sheet.
·The production control platform is provided with the production control interiace, which can be connected to the PMS system.
·The baffle is driven by servo motor, vvh ich moves fast and accurately
·The baffle is lifted and lowered by the cylinder and flexible mechanism, which is fast and will not crush the cardboard, so as to ensure fast palletng
and multiple- order stacking.

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