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Double Facer DF30A
Technical parameters

Mechanical speed 300m/min
Effective width 2200mm、2500mm、2800mm
Heat source Steam

Product Specification

The hot plate part is heated by steam; the temperature of different sections is controlled by temperature control valves based on the layers of corrugated board and machine running speed.

Hydraulic lifting. Pressurization may be performed by sections based on the layers of produced corrugated board; maintaining appropriate pressure is favorable to molding of paper board.

Pneumatic tensioning for top belt, full-automatic imported airbag is adopted for felt guide of the top and bottom belt, so as to keep the complete machine at normal running status.

Pressure Mode: two options for customer’s choice: pressurize by pressure roll or shoe plates; the system will automatically control the quantity of shoe plate based on the existing speed.

Drag by Inverter motor.

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