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Positive - pressured Cassette Single Facer SFP35
Technical parameters

Effective Width
Motor Capacity
Machine Speed 35m/min
Heat Source

Product Specification

● Blower applied for positive pressure.With paper feeding guide structure , easier for paper feding.

● Close-loop Casting Main Side Frame, Higher strength as well as less vibration.

● Flute roll assembly at bottom while pressure roll on top, lower gravity core while less vibration;Quick flute roll change within 15 minutes.

● Swing-type gluing assembly, keeping low vibration and easy for maintenance.

● Glue roll run with auto clean function, when cleaning needed,just press the button for cleaning , from above the gue roll the shower will work and clean the glue roll.

● Flute roll and pressure roll both pressed by pneumatic billow , ensuring sufficient pressure for fluting while increasing parts' vibration resistance.

● Control system can be loaded with huge database, which can adjust glue application as per speed and different
papers. Clearances between rollers can be adjusted automatially by smart control.

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