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Double Facer DF300
Technical parameters

DF300 DF250
Mechanical speed
300m/min  220m/min 
Heating source Steam Steam
Effective width 2200/2500/2800mm 1800/2000/2200mm

Product Specification

● The hot plate part is heated by steam; the temperature of different sections is contolled by temperature control valve based on the layers of corrugated board and machine nunning speed.

● Hydraulic lifting. Pressurization may be performed by sections based on thelayers of produced corrugated board; maintaining appropriate pressure is favorable to molding of paper board.

● Pneumatic tensioning for top belt, full-automatic imported airbag is adapted for felt guide of the top and bottom belt, so as to keep the complete machine at normal running status.

● Pressure Mode: Two options for customer' s choices: Pressure roll or Shoe Plates; The system will automatically control the quantity of shoe plates in use based on the present speed.

● Driven by inverter motor.

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