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N.C Sitter Scorer ZC35
Technical parameters

Product Specification

Every group of knife stands and creasing wheel stands is moved by gear structure which driven by servo motor, it is positioning precisely and requiring only simple maintenanoe.
Every group of knives or creasing wheels works with position sensors, which are tracking and corntolling the real-time positin of knives and creasing wheels precisely, onceis a dis- aligned one is found, it will automatically retify it and eliminatle the working tolerance.
There are three types of creasing wheels : Male to Female. Male to Male, and MaletoFlat. All changes are cortoledlby servo system, which makes free creasing combination.
The bottom creasing wheels and the flat roll are driven by motors , which is synchronic with the whole line speed by the transducer.
The creasing depth can be micro adjusted by servo motor, which controls the creasing depth predisely.
The minimum creasing distance between in single machine is 70mm. With double machine the minimum creasing distance can reach zero.
The top knife structure are combined with a comb-type anvil. The bottom comb-type anvil are made of carbon, easy for maintenance and last longer.
Double Machines are connected by bottom connection stand and the pre-embedded rails, the connetin stand and embedded base are completed by CNC center in one time, making sure the 0 scoring order in double machine combination.

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