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N.C. Slitter Scorer ZC30
Technical parameters

ZC35 ZC30



5-knife and 8-ine 6-knife and 10-line
7-knife and 12-line 8-knfe and 14-ine
-knife and 4-line+4line 6-knife and 5-line+5-line
7-knife and 6-ine+6-line 8 knife and 7-ine+7-ine

Effective width 1800/2200/2500mm 1800/2200/2500mm
Order changing time 1-2 second 1-2 second

Product Specification

● Every group of knife stands and ceasing wheel stands is moved by gear structure which driven by servo motor, it is positioning precisely and requring only simple maintenance.

● There are three types of creasing wheels : Male to Female. Male to Male, and Male to Flat. Al changes are contolled by servo system, which makes free creasing combination.

● The bottom creasing wheels and the falt roll are driven by motors ,which is synchronic with the whole line speed by the transducer.

● The creasing depth can be micro adjusted by servo motor, which controls the creasing depth precisely.

● The two groups of creasing wheels can coodinate with each other to realize zero soring.

● The top knifie structure are combined with a comb-type anvil. The bottom comb-type anvil are made of carbon, easy for maintenance and lastlonger.

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