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Auto Down Stacker with Zig-zag Bundle Stacking ASC30 Auto Down Stacker AS30B
Technical parameters

Product Specification

● Consist of 4/6 sections of conveying, smart control for each section. the paper board can be accurately and tidily stacked.

● The paper retaining trolley, which is driven by servo motor,can move fast and accurately; the lifting and drop of buffle board is realized by pneumatic cylinder and flexible structure; the speed is high and paper board will not be pressed cracked, guaranteeing the quick stacking and stacking change as well as multi-order stacking.

● The horizontal-output section is subject to inverter control and belt conveying, guaran teeing the stable out-feeding of board stack.

● The connection for production management is convenient; operation and control platform for production management is provided; interface for production management is available; connection with computer production management system can be rellized.

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