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Fully Automatic Mill Roll Stand MRV5B
Technical parameters

Mode MRV5B
Range of reel size Max dia as 1500mm
Max Load 4.8t
有效宽度 2200/2500/2800mm
Deckle 2200mm Clamping width: Max 2300mm/ Min 1100mm
Deckle 2500mm Clamping width: Max 2600mm/ Min 1100mm
Deckle 2800mm Clamping width: Max 2900mm/ Min 1400mm

Product Specification

· Hydraulic drive for all movements of arms , pneumatic control on tension;Muti-braking is applied in brake system.
· Paper reel can be fed from both operation ard drive side.
· Wrth papar - reel rejecliog function to remove reel from chuck.

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