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Heavy Drive Stand DR25A
Technical parameters

Mode DR25A
Mechanical speed 250m/min
Effective width 1800/2000/2200mm
Inverter motor power 75-110kw

Product Specification

· diameter of main top , bottom drive wheel is φ910mm for DR30A , while those which in DR25Ais φ850mm for top and φ610mm for bottom.
· Bevel gear drive structure is adopted for the driving gearbox. Mer heattmatrnoot for high-quality alloy gear, the tooth suface is grirded; it is high- class gear 1Wh low noise aid large transmitting torque.
· Bearing position is lubricated by pump oil; and auto-splashing lubrication is adapted for gears in the gear box.
· Inverter motor is adopted for main drive; The speed regulatioo rarge is wide as 1vell asstatie running.
· Independent driving box is adopted for dtrect drive by two shafts; and the large driving wheel guarantees the stability and reliability driving high- speed operation.
· Synchronous signal motor that can synchrooize with glue machhe is set on the main shafts of driving gearbox, so as to facilitate the adjustment of synchronization function.
· Rolls are wrapped by the V-Shaped abrasion resistant rubber.

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