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N.C. Slitter Scorer ZC35 I
Technical parameters

Mode ZC35I
Slitting-Creasing combination 5-knife and 4- line+4line 6- klife and 5- line+5-line 7- knife and 6-ine+6-ine 8-knife and 7- line+7-line
Effective width 1800/2200/2500/2800mm
Order changing time 1~2second

Product Specification

· Achieve 250rn/min running speed widthout during order change (double sets);
· Each Slltter & Scorer driven by a servo motor, gear structure and Sliderto provide precise positicnng and easy maintenance.
· Three kinds of scoring type: convex to concave, convex to flat roller, convex to ccnvex, the computer automatically chooses one of them.
· Upper\wheel main driving, Inventor control to synchronize with production line; Knife with Automatic sharpening system aid oil cooking
function, can prolong the life of the knife and ensure the quality of paper cutthg.
· Adopt Slitter and Scorer strucllJe, the min. scorng distance is 65mm.When double sets are combned, order changing cao be reaized in 0 seconds.
· Equipped with trimming knife, with auto cutting function; Reduce manual intervention;

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